Are you in need of Debt Help?

If you or your loved ones are struggling to manage your monthly debt, you may feel like it is a bottomless pit you can't escape. We can help you to understand your credit profile, go over any problem areas, and help you to put a plan into place and back on the path to being debt-free.

Our Services

Credit Counseling

If you are swimming in an endless sea of debt, credit counseling services can be a life raft. Through credit counseling services, you can work with a professional credit counselor, certified and trained in consumer credit, money and debt management, and budgeting. Your personal credit counselor will speak to you at length about your current financial situation and the level of your debt so that they can help you to create a management plan...

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Credit Repair

The average American consumer suffers from either a financial crisis or experiences a financial hardship at some point in their life that results in a decrease in their credit score. Without taking actions to improve and clean up your report, a bad credit score will result in credit denials and will also increase the costs of borrowing on your approvals. While the task of fixing your credit may not be easy, the best action an individual can...

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Building Credit

Building your credit refers to instances in which you add positive elements to your credit report that improve your overall score. There are dozens of ways to build credit, whether you are an individual consumer or a business. Building your credit can help to improve your chances of being approved for loans and credit accounts, can lower your interest rates, and can bring down your monthly insurance premiums.

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt in the United States has surpassed that of credit card debt amongst young adults. This debt has in turn impeded the growth of the economy and proven that even those who are financially responsible throughout their lives can be crippled by the sheer weight of their debts. Fortunately, student loans offer benefits that other types of loans do not. For instance, there are certain circumstances in which portions of your student...

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Debt Consolidation

What if you have so many smaller debts that you lose track or simply can’t find a way to pay off all of them? What if you suffered a financial hardship and are overwhelmed by medical bills, credit card debts, and an endless sea of bills? In cases such as these, a debt consolidation loan may be your best option for recovery. This isn’t always the best option for recovering from your debt, even though it may sound like a relatively easy fix....

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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is as simple as it sounds. In order to begin paying off your debts in the most effective way possible, you need to fully understand not only your financial standing, but what loans, repayment programs, and consolidation services are best for you. A credit counseling service can go a long way towards educating you financially and putting you on the right track, but there is much that you can do on your own to further your...

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Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, and it can cause terrible damage to your credit score. When you open new credit accounts, it will affect your credit score, even if the balances are being paid on time. In typical cases of identity theft, the thief will open several new credit card accounts under the name of the victim. These accounts are then charged to the max and discarded, while the debt remains on your...

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Living in debt can put a lot of strain on your personal life, your marriage, productivity at work, and event the way you relate with other people such as your children if you are a parent. The stress ... Read More


Admit it, the first time you got your hands on your very own credit card, nobody really sat down with you to explain the responsibilities that go with it. Or if somebody did try to remind you to use i... Read More


Mission Statement

At Credit Advisors Council, we know that people are so much more than a three digit number or score. Our company has been built on the foundations of service and compassion because we fully understand that negative derogatory credit is usually the result of a difficult and unexpected life event. By working with our customers individually we promote their dignity while giving them a second chance with their credit scores.

We help folks who want to qualify for loans, obtain employment, and/or stop debt collector harassment. We carefully examine each credit report individually because we know that credit repair is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our staff is comprised of highly trained legal professionals and consumer advocates who carefully analyze our clients’ situations and the applicable state and Federal laws that best benefit their individual scenarios.

Each client is guaranteed to receive thorough, timely, courteous, and professional service. In addition to working on existing credit flaws, our team will also advise clients on effective ways to add positive tradelines if and when needed.

Our number one priority is to deliver permanent results. We will create an actionable game plan specific to your situation and credit goals. With our proprietary streamlined processes, we are able to reduce costs while providing top quality lawyer backed consumer services that are proven to produce the fastest results and improved credit scores.

Every client is welcomed to our culture of warmth and belonging. Our advisors will help you each and every step of the way with transparency, dignity, and respect. By delivering the best in everything we do we hold ourselves accountable for results.