About Us

Credit Advisors Council Helps You Achieve Better Credit for a Brighter Future

Credit Advisors Council is a company devoted to the aspects of consumer credit, including consumer lending and legal issues surrounding consumer credit. We are a team of experienced professional who can help you to grow your credit from nothing or help you to make reparations to your existing credit report. We are quickly becoming a leading resource in the US credit industry, and aspire to help rebuild the American credit system one consumer at a time.

We believe in providing consumer credit services with integrity and transparency. You aren’t just paying for services that help your credit, you’re paying for the information and tools you need to maintain a healthy credit report. At Credit Advisors Council, we help you to become a credit professional when it comes to budgeting, growth, and good habits that you can use in the future.

What We Do

Consumer credit is what we do, plain and simple. Whether you need help getting credit for the first time, growing your existing credit, or even repairing your bad credit, we are here to help. We offer a wide array of consumer credit services that are designed to help a range of consumer credit issues. These services include Credit Repair and restoration, loan consolidation and forgiveness, credit counseling and credit building opportunities, and much more.

Where We Help

There is no service that we can provide you that you couldn’t do yourself for little or no cost. But the same can be said of mechanics, appliance repair companies, tax accountants, and many others. There are no legal stipulations that say you can’t make your own repairs or file your own taxes, but most people choose not to do so for good reason. The experience and study that it takes to properly file your taxes, grow your own produce, or repair your credit requires an amount of time that most people don’t have. The professionals at Credit Advisors Council have already spent years learning about consumer credit issues and are easily able to show you what steps should be taken to repair or grow your credit and to put the appropriate processes in place.

We work with consumers both locally and nationally for solutions related to consumer debt and credit. If you have one of our partners in your area, we invite you to come visit your local office and speak with our credit counseling and debt management officers to get a better idea of where you stand financially and where we can help you to improve. Even if you aren’t near a Credit Advisors Council office, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We offer online help and one-on-one phone consultations for consumers across the US, because you deserve to be able to connect with a credit repair expert whose only goal is to help you repair or improve your credit.

When We Can Help

You don’t have to be swimming in debt to use the professional services that our credit repair company offers. Our services cover a wide range of consumer credit issues, and our expertise can be used to both build credit and repair credit.

Before Bad Credit:

If you have no credit, you probably have just as difficult a time applying for loans and getting credit as someone who is in need of credit repair. We offer tools and tips to help you build credit effectively. Even if your credit score isn’t all that bad, there are still things that you can do to improve your overall credit report. Our credit counseling and credit monitoring services are ideal for anyone and can help you to learn where your credit might need some work, things to avoid, and even how to properly budget to pay off your debts and maintain your good credit habits.

After Bad Credit

The heart of what we do at CAC is helping those suffering from the burden of bad credit. Bad credit reports prevent you from applying for home and vehicle loans and can raise your insurance premiums and interest rates. For victims of identity theft or those struggling with student loans, we offer ways to have your debts amended and even completely removed from your credit report. We also offer credit repair solutions for those otherwise suffering from bad credit, including our debt consolidation services.

Why Us?

There are so many credit repair companies available to assist consumers with their debt and credit. However, many of these services are scams, giving reputable credit repair companies a bad name. Because of this, Credit Advisors Council has made it our number one goal to always hold to the highest ethical and legal standards in the industry. We take our leadership role in the credit industry very seriously and aim to help all consumers enjoy their best possible credit report. Our services are supported by the pillars of Accountability, Integrity, and Reliability.


The problem with many credit repair agencies is that they do not hold themselves accountable for the results they do or don’t provide their clients. That’s why we take extra measure to ensure that we always put our best foot forward with every client and hold ourselves accountable for your results. All of the credit professionals and lawyers at CAC are licensed and accredited. We also track and monitor your initial contact with an Advisors Council member for quality control and accountability. By providing the highest credibility and integrity, we are able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit and debt solutions for our clients.


Integrity means two things: honesty and moral uprightness, and being undivided. Both of these definitions are applied to the staff of CAC. We set the bar very high for ourselves and all credit repair unions when working with American consumers. Our entire team is devoted to helping consumers repair their bad credit, improve their good credit, and maintain a positive credit report throughout their lives. We know how important your credit is to your future, and that’s what makes each individual case we undertake so important to us. All of our client interactions are done with the care and concern you and your credit report deserve, and are always handled with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.


With such high standards for the industry, it is no surprise that we are also built on reliability. If you can’t trust your credit repair agency to actually fix your credit report, then you’re throwing away more money and only hurting your credit report further. CAC is always consistent with the highest industry and legal standards. We work to lay out a repair timeline for your credit repair and ensure that our services are always rendered in a timely manner. Our consistent work has garnered us mentions in top industries like Forbes and USA Today; and, even more powerful, stellar testimonials from real consumers like you who have benefitted from our services.